Defeat Depression T-Shirts

By wearing or gifting this merchandise, you will also help to raise awareness in our community – well after the event is over! Your purchase will also generate a small amount of revenue for the local Host organization to help cover the costs of planning this event, and to support their important work in the community.

Payment is required online using a credit card. We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Visa/Mastercard Debit.


Return/Exchange Policy: 
There is no return on T-Shirts or other merchandise. Once charged to your credit card through the online store, the T-Shirt or merchandise cannot be returned for a refund of any amount. If at the time of pickup, the T-Shirt size you ordered is not adequate, an exchange will be accommodated ONLY if the exchange size is available. If all t-shirts are sold out, you will not be able to make an exchange.

The item(s) are only available for pickup at the local event site during event registration. Refer to the event home page for time and location details. Custom shipping is not available at this time. **Please bring your proof of purchase to the event to facilitate pickup.

Online Store Closure:
The online store will automatically close 2 weeks prior to the event to allow merchandise to be received on the day of the event. If this online store is closed you can still purchase Defeat Depression merchandise from the MDSC Shop (

Annapolis County Volunteers presenting Defeat Depression T-Shirts
Annapolis County, NS volunteers presenting Defeat Depression T-Shirts

No items are available for purchase at this moment.